What if you want to change the size of your breast implants San Jose?

What if you want to change the size of your breast implants San Jose?

When you’re choosing the size for your breast implants San Jose, it’s common to feel a little uncertain about what you want. Many women feel a bit of pressure as they’re making this decision. After all, you’ll be keeping these implants for the rest of your life, right? You want to make sure you get it right.

You can get a different size of implants later

Actually, it’s common for women who have implants to get a new size after a few years. Most of the time, these women wish to go bigger. It’s possible for them to get new larger implants. Some women may want to transition to smaller implants, while still keeping their implants in.

When they’re first choosing their implants, many women are afraid of going too big and looking unnatural. However, after having their implants for a while and realizing how natural they look, many women wish that they had gone for it and chosen that bigger size that they really wanted at the beginning. This is something that you may want to consider when you’re making your initial choice.

For women who are naturally very small and want to go to very large, your surgeon may recommend doing this in two stages. This is because the skin and other tissues need time to stretch and accommodate the implants, and going too large all at once can damage these tissues. You can get one set of implants, wait for a period of time for the skin to gradually stretch, and then switch them out for the larger size.

You’ll need a revision surgery to change your implant size

In order to alter the size of your implants, you’ll need to have surgery again. Your surgeon will place your incisions in the same location as before, so you won’t have new scars. Your old implants will be removed and your new implants will be placed in the same implant pocket.

Although the surgery is similar in some ways to the original breast augmentation surgery, it’s generally easier. The surgeon doesn’t need to create the implant pocket, because it’s already there. Although there will be new incisions, they’ll be through scar tissue that already formed from the previous surgery. These factors mean that a revision surgery for breast implants is generally shorter, and the recovery is easier, than from the original surgery.

Consult with your plastic surgeon to learn more

If you’d like to change the size of your breast implants San Jose, you should consult with a qualified plastic surgeon. You don’t have to have your revision surgery done by the same surgeon who did your original surgery – although this is certainly an option if you would prefer it. If you previously had a breast augmentation and you’d now prefer a different size, contact us to schedule a consultation with Dr. Yenikomshian.

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