on Feb 11, 2015
"Dr. Yenikomshian was highly recommended by my aesthetician. She had had her tummy lift done by Yeni (as she calls him) and was pleased with the results. Other aestheticians at her clinic had also seen some of Yeni's clients and thought his work was good. (If you're an aestheticians, you're going to see a LOT of people with facelifts.) So I had my face lift done by Yeni, and I am thrilled with the results. He didn't over do the lift (which would have made me look like I was in a wind tunnel). There were no complications, and things went exactly as he stated they would. The mark of a good face lift is that people shouldn't realize you've had one. Instead, they should comment that you are looking good. And that's what happened for me: no one suspected. Instead, I was told I was looking healthier and thinner. By the way, his price was one of the lower ones that I got. Some surgeons wanted nearly 50% more. I won't hesitate to take any further work to Yeni...."
on Feb 9, 2015
"You repaired my grandson the other day and removed the toothpick from his heel. All went well and I..."{ Read More }
on Feb 9, 2015
"I want to thank you for taking care of me. You have done more for me in the two visits I have had..."{ Read More }