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How should you choose your incision location?

When it comes to breast augmentation, you’re in control. You’ll choose the type of implants you’d like (silicone or saline), and if you choose silicone implants, then you’ll also choose the shape you prefer. After trying on many different enhanced bras, you’ll be ready to choose the size of your implants.

But that’s not all. You’ll also have some say in how the implants are placed into your body.Because breast augmentation is intended to enhance a woman’s appearance, the location and appearance of the surgical scars are important in determining the ultimate outcome of the procedure. You’ll have a certain amount of say in deciding which type of incision you would prefer, although medical factors may also play a role in this decision.

What are the options?

There are three primary types of incisions, and a fourth type that’s rarely used. Here are the various types of incisions that are possible for a breast augmentation procedure.

Inframammary Incision

This type of incision, also called a breast fold incision, is the most common type of breast implant incision. It’s made in the fold under the breast tissue, where the breast meets the chest wall. This incision is generally covered by clothing, even a bikini top, and so the incisions aren’t visible except during intimate encounters. This type of incision allows the best visualization of the breast implant pocket during the procedure, allowing for precise placement of the implants to create the best outcome.

The breast fold incision may be harder to hide for those with tighter breasts. It may also be visible in other women in certain positions, such as when lying down. However, the incision remains well-hidden in most women most of the time.

Axillary incision

This type of incision is made in the underarm. To place the breast implant through an axillary incision, the plastic surgeon uses endoscopic instruments, such as cameras mounted on long flexible tubes to allow visualization of the surgical space. This is generally the least visible of all incision types. It’s hidden well within the folds of the armpit, and often won’t be noticed even during intimate encounters.

It’s easy to place saline implants through a small axillary incision, because they can be inserted while deflated, and then filled with the saltwater after they’re inside the breast. However, if you’re choosing silicone implants, the incision will need to be longer, because they can’t be collapsed for insertion. This longer incision (which can be 2 inches or longer) may be harder to hide within the armpit, so axillary incisions are better for those getting saline implants. Additionally, if for any reason the scar doesn’t heal well, it may be visible in sleeveless tops and swimsuits. However, most axillary scars will become very discreet and well-hidden in the folds of the armpit.

Areolar Incision

This incision is made around the bottom border of the areola, the dark circle around the nipple. This allows the surgeon to directly visualize the breast implant pocket and create it with precision. If a breast is sagging, this incision is easier to create than an inframammary incision, and allows for treatment of the sagging as well as augmentation.

One major disadvantage of the areolar incision is that it places the surgical incision in a sensitive area. Many women don’t want to interfere with the sensations around their nipples. Also, if a woman wishes to breastfeed an infant in the future, the areolar incision is more likely than other types to interfere with breastfeeding. Additionally, although the scars will usually be flat and white when they heal, they will still be visible with an areolar incision. However, this area is covered with clothing or a swimsuit most of the time, so the visibility may not be a concern for some women.

Umbilical Incision

You may have heard of women having their breast implants placed through an incision in the navel. A tunnel is then made through the subcutaneous fat of the abdomen up to the breasts, and the implants are placed through the tunnel. This leaves the breasts, and the area around them, completely free of scars. This type of surgery is sometimes called a TUBA, for trans-umbilical breast augmentation. Only saline implants can be placed this way, because they have to fit through a long tunnel.

This type of incision is currently not approved by the breast implant companies, and having your implants placed in this way actually voids the warranty on the implants themselves. Many surgeons don’t like this type of incision, because there’s less precision in creating the implant pocket, which can mean the results aren’t as good as with other types of incisions. In some cases, the tunnel through the fat up the abdomen will leave a visible mark. Other types of complications are also more common with this type of incision. Although the TUBA sounds in theory like it would be a great option because there are no visible scars, it’s not worth sacrificing the quality of the results.

Consider your priorities and preferences

Ultimately, the decision of which incision is best for your breast augmentation will be made between you and your surgeon. Certain medical factors may make a certain type of incision the best one for you. Depending on the type of implant you prefer, and your individual anatomy, there may be a certain type of incision that will allow your surgeon to create the best outcome for your breast augmentation. It’s important to know your priorities for your surgery, and what your preferences are for your incision type. By discussing these with your plastic surgeon, the best incision type for you can be chosen.

Breast augmentation San Jose

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