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Breast implants San Jose

How should you choose the shape of your implants?

Once you’ve made the decision to get breast implants, and you’ve chosen whether you want saline or silicone, then it’s time to decide what shape of implants you’d like. If you choose saline implants, they only come in one shape (round), so you won’t have to make this decision. However, if you decide that you prefer silicone, then you’ll have a wealth of options to choose from. Here are some things to think about as you make your decision.

Textured vs smooth – breast augmentation San Jose

The first breast implants had smooth shells enclosing the silicone inside. Smooth implants are still preferred by many women. Because they can move within the breast implant pocket in response to the body’s position, they can appear more natural than textured implants. However, there is sometimes a rippling effect above the implant; sometimes it’s visible, and sometimes it can only be noticed by touch.

Textured implants have a rough wall, which causes the implant to stick to the body during the healing process. This holds the implant more firmly in place. As a result, textured implants don’t move, which can lead to a less natural-looking result. However, textured implants have a reduced risk of forming a tight capsule of scar tissue around the implant, so some women prefer them for that reason.

Shaped vs round – breast augmentation San Jose

Round breast implants are the only option if you choose saline, because saline (saltwater) doesn’t hold a shape well. Smooth silicone implants are also round. This is because smooth implants are able to rotate within the implant pocket, and if the implants were shaped, this would lead to a very unnatural-looking breast when shifting positions. Therefore, shaped silicone implants must be textured to hold them in place.

Round implants provide more fullness further up in the breast. For women who want more cleavage, a round implant will provide that better than a shaped implant. However, some women don’t like the look of round breast implants, believing that they look “too fake.” For these women, teardrop-shaped breast implants are available. These are fuller at the bottom than at the top, mimicking the look of a natural breast. They generally provide more projection for the same-sized implant than a smooth implant, but there’s less cleavage, with the fullness being lower in the breast.

Form stable implants – breast augmentation San Jose

Traditional silicone implants consist of a silicone gel inside a shell. When the shell is ruptured, the silicone will leak out into the surrounding tissues; this can cause problems like formation of lumpy scars, although studies have shown that there’s no increased risk of general health problems like cancer or autoimmune disease.

To avoid the risk of silicone leaking into the surrounding tissues, form stable implants were developed. They’re also known as “gummy bear implants,” because the firmer silicone gel is somewhat like a gummy bear (although it’s actually somewhat more liquid than that). The firmness of the implant means that if it ruptures, the silicone is less likely to leak out into the surrounding tissues, and more likely to retain its shape.

These implants are shaped rather than round, and therefore they’re textured. Some women believe that form stable silicone implants give the most natural look and feel.

Choose your surgeon well – breast augmentation San Jose

Ultimately, the decision of which type of implants to choose is yours to make. Which type you prefer depends on your goals for your breast augmentation in San Jose. You’ll need to consult with your plastic surgeon to determine which type of implants would be best in your case.

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