Sagging and breast implants San Jose

Sagging and breast implants San Jose

Breast augmentation remains the most popular cosmetic surgical procedure, because many women aren’t satisfied with their current breast size. However, many women also experience drooping or sagging of the breasts. To achieve the profile they’re looking for, women want their breasts to be both full and well-placed. Will getting breast implants achieve this?

Breast implants will usually not correct sagging

It’s important to recognize that, in most cases, having a breast augmentation will not correct sagging of the breasts. The breasts are considered to be sagging if the nipple sits at or below the fold at the bottom of the breast. If this is the case, then breast implants alone won’t be able to fix the problem. Although the breasts will be larger, they will still not appear youthful and full.

To correct sagging breasts, a breast lift is necessary. This can be performed at the same time as a breast augmentation, if you want to have breasts that are both larger and sit higher on the chest. If your breasts are already at a size that you prefer, but you just want them to appear more youthful, then a breast lift alone might achieve your goals.

Breast implants may be enough to correct sagging in certain cases

In a few cases, a breast augmentation alone might provide the results that you want. If your breasts are sagging solely due to a significant loss of volume, then implants may be enough to correct the problem. This can happen due to a major weight loss, or after pregnancy and breastfeeding. If you’re young, and were happy with the position of your breasts before they lost volume, then restoring the volume with implants may be all that you need to regain your figure.

Talk to your plastic surgeon about breast implants San Jose

Each woman is unique, with her own body shape and her own desires for her appearance. In order to find out which procedure(s) would be best help you meet your goals for your appearance, you need to have a consultation with a plastic surgeon.

At PlastiCenter, Dr. A.M. Yenikomshian offers breast implants San Jose. As a plastic and cosmetic surgeon with decades of experience, he’s earned the respect of his colleagues (having been selected as the head of a plastic surgery department). More importantly, his patients are happy with their results. Dr. Yenikomshian’s strong belief is that cosmetic surgery is not “one size fits all,” but rather requires a personalized approach for each patient. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Yenikomshian, contact our office.

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