Choosing a size for your breast augmentation in San Jose

How to choose the size of your implants – breast augmentation San Jose

When you’re considering having a breast augmentation in San Jose, you’re often just thinking about how small your breasts are right now. When your breasts don’t meet your goals for your appearance, you may find yourself constantly wearing padded bras in an effort to look more like you want to look. You just want to stop worrying about your body, and you know that breast augmentation can help.

But once you make the decision to proceed with breast augmentation, you’re faced with choosing a size for your new implants. This can feel overwhelming at first, with many women unsure how to proceed. Here are a few things to consider as you make the choice of what your new size will be.

What are your goals for your appearance?

This may sound obvious, but it’s actually very important to be clear on this. Are you a thin, athletic woman who wants a completely natural look? Then you’ll want smaller implants to maintain that slim appearance, with a more feminine shape. Are you looking to balance larger hips with a proportionate chest? Then you’ll want to get larger implants, so you can achieve the hourglass look.

Some women want to be as large as possible, while others want to ensure that they look natural and that no one will know that they have implants. Nothing is wrong with either of these choices; it’s just important that you ask yourself what you want to see in the mirror after your breast augmentation.

What is the base diameter of your breasts?

The size of the implant that can be placed is limited by the size of the space it will be placed into. Your surgeon will take several measurements of your chest to determine the largest-size implant that will work in your body. Placing an implant with a diameter that’s too large can lead to complications, so you’ll need to stick with what will actually work in your body.

If you want to increase the cup size you’ll achieve without increasing the base diameter of the implants, you can go for a high-profile implant, which has more volume near the top than a traditional implant. Some women like the look of breasts with high-profile implants, while others find it unnatural, so look at some photos to get an idea of what this type of implant will achieve in your appearance.

What looks good when you try it on?

The ultimate test of implant size is to try different implant sizes in your (non-padded) bra, and see what looks good to you. There are a few different ways to go about this. Many women try the “rice test” at home; you fill small baggies with different amounts of rice, and try them in your bra. You can bring the bag (or bags) you prefer to your appointment with your plastic surgeon in San Jose, to give him an idea of what size you’re looking for.

You’ll also have the opportunity to try on different implants at our office, using a sizing bra. This can give you an idea of what size you’d like to have implanted, although it’s important to note that the implant looks a bit different when worn on the outside than it will when it’s actually inside your body.

Your breast augmentation in San Jose

When you come for a consultation about breast augmentation, San Jose plastic surgeon Dr. Yeni will advise you on what size would best achieve the goals you have for your appearance. He has many years of experience, and he’s seen the results from thousands of breast augmentation procedures. Let him advise you on what you can expect from different sizes of breast implants. So many factors can affect the final result, and it’s impossible for women to learn from the web everything a plastic surgeon knows from years of training. To schedule your consultation with Dr. Yeni, please contact us. We look forward to meeting you, and helping you achieve greater self-confidence through breast augmentation in San Jose.

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