Breast implants San Jose – above or below the muscle?

Breast implants San Jose – above or below the muscle?

If you’ve decided that it’s time to achieve the graceful, feminine shape you’ve always desired, we congratulate you. At PlastiCenter, we’ve seen firsthand how much difference breast implants can make in a woman’s self-esteem and confidence.

You have several choices to make regarding your breast augmentation procedure. You’ll choose whether you want saline or silicone, and the shape and size of your implants. You’ll also have some choices to make about the location of your implants. You’ll choose which incision location you want, and you’ll also need to choose whether you want the implants above or below the pectoral muscle.

Where is the pectoral muscle?

The pectoral muscle, medically known as pectoralis major, is the large flat muscle of the chest. These are the “pecs” that many bodybuilders work hard on. The breast tissue is above this muscle, surrounded by fatty tissue. The skin and nipple are on top.

Seeing photos of male bodybuilders might give you the impression that the pectoralis major is a very large muscle. However, for most people, this isn’t true. Particularly in women, the pectoralis major is actually fairly thin, and the breast implant will easily be seen through it. Unless a woman is a bodybuilder who does a lot of heavy weightlifting, the pectoralis major is unlikely to be a thick muscle.

Breast implants below the pectoral muscle

To place breast implants below the pectoral muscle, the surgeon makes a small cut in the muscle and places the implant beneath it. This will generally not affect the function of the muscle, although some bodybuilders or other women who spend a lot of time on fitness might notice a difference.

Many women have only a small amount of fatty tissue in the breasts, especially if their breasts are on the small side. Placing the implant below the muscle provides more “cushion” above the implant. This helps to prevent the edges of the implant from being visible. Additionally, there may be less risk of capsular contracture, which is the formation of tight scar tissue around the implant, when it’s placed below the muscle. In general, the appearance of the implant will be more natural if it’s placed below the muscle.

Saline implants usually need to be placed below the muscle. When a saline implant isn’t all the way full, there may be some visible rippling along the edges if it’s placed above the muscle. A full saline implant may feel too firm, rather than like normal breast tissue. For those who prefer saline, under the muscle can help to avoid rippling or visible edges.

Placement below the muscle is the most common recommendation by plastic surgeons. However, for some women, placement above the muscle may be the right choice.

Breast implants above the pectoral muscle

For very thin women, breast implants above the muscle may be more obvious. The edges of the implants are sometimes visible below the skin. Silicone implants are much closer in texture to natural breast tissue, and are a better choice if you want implants above the muscle.

With breast implants placed above the muscle, the implants will be near the glands and ducts that produce breast milk. For women who would like to breastfeed in the future, this may be an issue. Women who practice bodybuilding or weightlifting and have highly developed pectoral muscles may also want to consider placing the implant above the muscle, to avoid disrupting it by placing the implant below. Although most women will not notice a significant change in function of the muscle with the implant below the muscle, those who do a lot of pushups or weightlifting may be able to tell the difference, and may prefer above the muscle.

Choosing your implant location

There are many different factors to take into consideration when deciding whether above or below the muscle is right for you. You’ll need to consult with a qualified plastic surgeon in order to make the best choice for you. If you’re seeking breast implants in San Jose, visit Dr. Yeni to benefit from his decades of experience with breast augmentation. Contact us to book your appointment.

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