Tummy Tuck Cost San Jose

The Price of Abdominoplasty

Dramatic weight loss and shifting in skin and fat due to age can turn taut tummies into trouble areas. For patients troubled by displaced fat, apronlike skin folds and other disproportions in the abdominal area, a tummy tuck–know clinically as an abdominoplasty–often provides satisfying results.

Before patients commit to undergoing the procedure, however, Dr. A.M. Yenikomshian discusses such important issues as tummy tuck cost during consultations at his San Jose plastic surgery practice. He wants patients to have a full understanding of abdominoplasty and what it entails so that they can make confident decisions about whether to proceed with treatment. If you would like to know what your tummy tuck surgery would be like, including the cost of your treatment, we encourage you to schedule your initial consultation at The Center for Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery today.

What is a tummy tuck procedure like?

Weight gathers around the midsection–especially as we age. Diet and exercise will tone and tighten a midsection, but these methods do not always correct the folds of loose skin and pockets of fat in the abdominal area that remain after weight loss. This often leads to loose folds and flaps of skin–an especially common concern is a large fold of skin that hangs down like an apron after weight loss. An abdominoplasty surgically removes excess skin, extracts bulging fat pockets and can also restructure the abdominal muscles to create the taut stomach patients in San Jose desire. Pregnancy can cause the abdominal wall to weaken and even split–an abdominoplasty performed by Dr. Yenikomshian can tighten these muscles restoring stability and tone. Patients may undertake an abdominoplasty by itself or seek additional body contouring procedures to rejuvenate their overall look.

Dr. Yenikomshian performs the tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) procedure in the Los Gatos and San Jose area at an accredited ambulatory surgery center. During surgery, Dr. Yenikomshian makes a horizontal incision below the navel and just above the pubic area. It is through this incision that he tightens and restructures the muscles of the abdominal wall. Once the abdominal muscles have been positioned,fat deposits and excess skin is surgically removed to create a smoother appearance.

Patients may experience discomfort, bruising, and swelling after surgery. It may be difficult for abdominoplasty patients to stand upright following surgery. Patients return to normal activities in just a few weeks.

Am I a candidate for abdominoplasty?

Ideal abdominoplasty patients are men and women in good general health who present loose skin and isolated fat deposits around their midsection. Patients looking to remove a minimal amount of fat from the waistline who do not have loose skin folds or displaced fat deposits sometimes benefit from liposuction as a less invasive alternative.  Dr. Yenikomshian conducts a thorough consultation of all of his Los Gatos and San Jose patients to discuss surgical options and to determine whether abdominoplasty is right for his patient. Patients with current medical conditions and medications or prior surgeries should take time to discuss their health history and goals with Dr. Yenikomshian during consultation.

What is the cost of an abdominoplasty?

Each surgery is uniquely crafted to the needs of the individual San Jose patient –as a result, costs vary from procedure to procedure. A tummy tuck procedure in San Jose generally costs around  $8500- $10000 including the facility and anesthesia expenses. Financing options are available for patients who qualify.

The overall cost of your treatment will also depend on whether you undergo abdominoplasty on its own or as part of a more comprehensive treatment plan. For example, some female patients elect to undergo abdominoplasty in combination with breast lift or breast augmentation with implants. Others opt to combine their tummy tucks with liposuction to address isolated deposits of fat located elsewhere on their bodies.

Abdominoplasty allows give patients the opportunity to remove uncomfortable skin and fat, and gain a sense of body confidence. A newly slim and taut tummy fits great under clothing and offers comfortable support to the trunk of the body. If you are interested in learning if an abdominoplasty procedure is appropriate for your needs, contact our San Jose plastic surgery practice (408-356-7788) to set up a complimentary consultation today.